Prof. Jean-François Huneau

UFR Biologie et Nutrition Humaines, UMR PNCA equipe PROSPECT, AgroParisTech, Paris, France


Jean-Francois Huneau is Professor of Human Nutrition at AgroParisTech, a French graduate school that trains engineers, executives and doctors in the fields of agricultural and forestry, the environment, the agro-industrial transformation and biotechnology. He is a member of the PROSPECT team at the PNCA laboratory, working on the nutritional, health and environmental consequences of the ongoing transition toward a more plant-based diet. He is also a former member of the human nutrition expert committee of ANSES, the French agency in charge of food, the environment and occupational health, and took part in the revision of recommendations on protein requirements, on vitamin and mineral requirements and in the development of the new food-based dietary guidelines for the French population.